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The Parish Church of St. Mary’s the Queen of Poland

Author, school, workshop
End of 15th cent
Material and technique
Half-Timbered, filled up with brick work
Height: 43 m, Length: 25 m, Width: 11 m
The village of Iwiecino, The County of Sianow, The Voivodship of Western Pomerania, Poland
This church belongs to a cluster of the village temples totalling 95 landmarks which are situated along a sea coastal belt. The church is an aligned Gothic edifice built from bricks. Its body consists of a rectangular nave with a doubly sided presbytery and a massive tower adjoining it from the West. In spite of a minor size of the church body its high tower and steep roof make it look much more monumental. The elevations are decorated with pointed arched blends. The preserved western portal remains authentic. The broach spire and the roof over the nave are shingled with the oak wood. A natural closing of a spatial set up for this church is a low fence skirting around the church cemetery which has been built of a loosely laid down stones. Its three gateways are faced towards the roads leading individually to the neighboring villages. This feature can be considered a rarity.