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Transept, west wall
The wall separating the nave of the church from the transept is interesting. It is preceded by a music gallery with a neo-Gothic organ case resting on a probably 16th century brickwork gallery with two semicircular closed arcades. Behind the organ prospectus, three pointed-arched recesses are visible. These are remnants of windows in the wall, built in the 16th century to form the front wall of the church after the planned complete demolition of the nave. The new (i.e. post-Reformation, albeit neo-Gothic) façade of the church can be seen inside the granary part of the building, a fact of which few visitors to the church are aware. The church's façade with its famous Kołbacka rosette and the side walls of the body of the church were almost lost. Only the princes' decision not to convert the monastery into a residence saved the central and western parts of the church.