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Stalls – left side
Material and technique
Height 4.2 x width 20 m
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Żagań, Poland
Almost the entire length of the presbytery is filled with fixed canons made of oak under Abbot Andrew Adalbert in 1695 by a workshop from Głogów. They are crowned with figures of holy canons, bishops and martyrs. Gilded garlands, lion sculptures and a series of 18 paintings describing the life of St Augustine, from birth to death, were placed in 1741. The paintings were painted by the Legnica painter Jeremiah Knechtel. On the left: Birth of the saint, Young man studying, Mother Monica worries about her erring son, Augustine an enemy of Christ, Monica prays for her son, Augustine as a lawyer, Augustine speaks in Rome, Augustine listens to a sermon by St Ambrose, Monica follows her son to Milan. Above the stalls is the stucco empora of the upper choir by the Hennevogel workshop of Neuzelle.