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Saint Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist
Author, school, workshop
Giovanni Ambrosio Meinardi
Late Baroque
Material and technique
Oil painting on canvas
Height 2.37 x width 1.48 m
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wroclaw, Poland
The saint is shown in full figure on the axis of the painting; he is turning to the left towards an angel seated on a cloud. He is standing on a semicircular projection of an ash-coloured platform on his left leg with his right foot held on a bag from which coins are spilling out. On his left knee he rests a tilted book held with both hands. Another, unfolded codex, lies leaning against the platform. The apostle leans lightly with his elbow on the high pedestal behind him, on which lies the book and an inkwell with a goose quill pressing a hanging sheet of paper. He is a grey-haired, balding, elderly man with a beard and moustache. He is wearing a barefoot blue robe with a deep neckline revealing his right shoulder and breasts. The upper robe - ochre-coloured cast over his back wraps his arms, left leg, and hangs along his right leg. The angel on the cloud is shown in profile with his arms folded. He has a white shirt and red drapery around his legs.