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Saint Jude Thaddeus the Apostle
Author, school, workshop
Giovanni Ambrosio Meinardi
Late Baroque
Material and technique
Oil painting on canvas
Height 2.37 x width 1.48 m
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wroclaw, Poland
The Apostle stands in the centre of the painting on a platform, depicted 3/4 from the right side in full figure.He raises his right hand in the air, his left hand supporting a book supported on the knee of his left leg, which he has placed on a large stone. He turns his head upwards looking up at the sky, from which light flows modelling the foreground representation. A tall plinth is set on a platform behind the saint's back, with three stones lying in front of the plinth. In the lower left-hand corner of the painting is laid a mace slightly protruding behind the platform, against which a stone block rests on the right. Judah Thaddeus is a bearded robed man in his prime. He is dressed in a steel-blue, barefooted robe with a large neckline tied at the waist. He is enveloped in a white drapery wrapping his legs, flung over his right shoulder so that it hangs freely at his back, its front end falling wrinkling over a ledger. Above him stretches an olive yellowish sky.