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Saint James the Elder Apostle
Author, school, workshop
Giovanni Ambrosio Meinardi
Late Baroque
Material and technique
Oil painting on canvas
Height 2.37 x width 1.48 m
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wroclaw, Poland
In the centre of the composition walks the Apostle depicted in full figure, en trois quartes, supporting himself, held high in his right hand, with a pilgrim's staff. His left hand is stretched out to the side. The dominant colours are his voluminous robes: the underskirt (blue), reaching the ankles of his bare feet, has a round neckline and a wide collar with a shell on the left shoulder; the upper drapery (ochre), suspended on a sash thrown over the right shoulder, envelops his legs and is slung over his right arm. The saint is a young, bearded robed man; his hair, parted in the middle, falls to his shoulders. The path on which he walks (light browns) is overgrown on the sides by a variety of plants (dark greens). Above, the sky (blues and yellows) and clustered clouds (steel-grey), among which, on the left, an angel flies with a red drapery around her hips, and on the right, two winged heads between which light passes.