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Portrait of Abbot Jan Ignatius I (loannes Ignatius) Peschke of Klodzko, 1679-+1688
Author, school, workshop
Christian Conrad the Younger
Date of creation
Material and technique
Oil painting on canvas
Poaugustinian monastery complex in Żagań, Poland
The portrait was originally accompanied by the inscription: 'Morbilli puero clauserunt lumina, Diva / Warthensis post hoc sana reclusit ei. / Providus hic Abbas rem lapsam restituisset, / Ast in perniciem convolat ignis aqua". As a boy he was blind. However, the merciful, gracious Our Lady of Bardz opened his eyes again. He cared for the dilapidated monastery, although fire (fire of 1688) and water added to the misery.