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Portrait of Abbot Jacob II (lacobus) Liebig of Żagań, 1583-+1600
Author, school, workshop
Christian Conrad the Younger
Date of creation
Material and technique
Oil painting on canvas
Poaugustinian Monastery Complex in Żagań, Poland
The portrait was originally accompanied by the inscription: 'Templum aeris statuis ambona stallaque fratrum / Praedecessorum donat imaginibus, / Et Salvatoris parat hic in monte sepulchrum, / Piscinas bis sex condidit, emit agros'. He decorated the church and altars with statues. He founded effigies of his predecessors. He built the tomb of the Saviour on Górka (next to the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary). He acquired land on which he arranged twelve ponds.