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Portrait of Abbot Andrew Adalbert (Andreas Adalbertus) Thiel of Jablonowo, 1688-+1702
Author, school, workshop
Christian Conrad the Younger
Date of creation
Material and technique
Oil painting on canvas
Poaugustinian monastery complex in Żagań, Poland
The portrait was originally accompanied by the inscription: 'Restauratorem Canoniae cerne Sagani / Andream pro aris sollicitumque focis. / Hic, qui Saganensis Capitaneus esse merebat, / Hic fuit et nostri dignus amore Ducis". The Sagan convent saw Andrew as a renewer. He took fatherly care of the church, altars and monastery. He gained respect as a Żagań starost. He enjoyed respect in the monastery and with the duke.