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Period of change and destruction – 16th-18th centuries
Design of a stained glass window for the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Stargard depicting a scene of the city fire in 1635; R. and O. Linnemann; Germany, Frankfurt; 1911. Iconographic materials made available with permission of the Archaeological-Historical Museum in Stargard. In 1534 the Diet of Pomeranian States in Trzebiatow introduced Lutheranism as the ruling religion in the Duchy of Pomerania. Within the next five years, the Stargard Parish Church became a Protestant temple. Less than one hundred years later, a fire broke out in the city, destroying a large part of it, also destroying the roof, vaults and equipment of the church. It took almost thirty years to rebuild it, but thanks to the persistence of the townspeople, in 1661 the temple was consecrated again, with new baroque furnishings. In 1723 the northern tower of the church received a new baroque cupola, and in 1741 St. Mary's Chapel received a new vault.