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A monstrance crowned with towers from 1890
Among the ostensoria, the monstrance crowned with towers made in 1890 is artistically impressive. The meticulous execution of the details, the figures of Christ and Saints Dominic, Nicholas, Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as the enamel decoration, draw attention. The monstrance's foot is in the form of a magnificent six-leaved base with a socle and a surrounding openwork frieze of quatrefoils. In the centre of the sunburst, there is a crystal window around which an inscription on an enamelled surface is placed: "Verbum caro factum est". Originally the monstrance also had two enamel pendants hanging at the bottom. The monstrance comes complete with an enamel, equally decorative mass chalice. On the back of the foot is an inscription: „AM 7. MAI 1890 ALS ERINNERUNG AN DAS 50 JÄHRIGE PFARRERJUBILARUM DES HERREN PRALATEN FRIEDRICH LANDMESSER AN DER KIRCHE ZU ST. NICOLAI UN DANZIG IST DIESE MONSTRANZ GESTIFTET”. The monstrance was created to commemorate the round 50th anniversary of the rectory of Monsignor Friedrich Landemesser, who had been parish priest since 1840.