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Tombstone of Caroline Wilhelmine Gaeden

Baroque sculpture from Pomerania and Brandenburg
Author, school, workshop
unknown Pomeranian or Brandenburg workshop
in or shortly after 1781
Material and technique
sandstone/sculptural and stonemasonry techniques
height 141, width 71 cm
Signatures and inscriptions
Unsigned plate. Most of the surface is occupied by an inscription, executed in Gothic lettering: "Hier/ Ruhet in Gott/ Caroline Wilhelmne Gaeden/ des nebenbey eingesarget liegenten/ Herrn Daniel Gaeden/ einziges Töchterlein (...) Ehe/ sie wahr gebohren in Amt Zellin den 5 Jan. 1780/ und gestorben/ Zu Amt Colbatz den 13 Augu. 1781/ Zuruf an ihren Vatter/ Reich Vatter mir die Hand heist Gott uns/ auferstehen. Ich dein Tochter will/ Zu deiner Seiten gehen." [Here rests in God Caroline Wilhelmne Gaeden, the only daughter of the daniel Gaeden buried next door. She was born in the domain of Zielin on 5 January 1780 and died in the domain of Kolbacz on 13 August 1781]. Remark. Slab cracked in half, with losses in the middle part, resulting in part of the inscription being illegible.
Identity number
Roman Catholic Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Kolbacz
Public domain
the slab fixed on the north-east wall of the chancel, to the left of the altar, is a pendant to the Daniel Gaede slab.
The late Baroque panel is in the shape of a standing rectangle with rounded corners. The sculptural decoration is concentrated in the upper and lower parts. The upper part is poorly legible as a result of the poor state of preservation, but one can read the triangular shape with the eye of providence and the floral garlands threaded through the corner rosettes. The lower part probably contained symbols associated with death, of which only the scythe remains legible. The lower corners are accentuated with acanthus rosettes with a lump in the middle (probably representing an acanthus flower with leaves). The whole is framed by a profiled border.