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Saint Philip the Apostle

Author, school, workshop
Georg Zeller
Early Baroque
Material and technique
Oak wood; carving techniques
Height 110 cm
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wroclaw, Poland
The saint stands in contrapposto (on his left leg), facing the viewer, his head turning slightly to the left. In his right hand, raised and bent at the elbow, he holds an isosceles cross on a spar leaning against a plinth. His left hand rests on his hip. He has the face of a mature man with a long, narrow nose, wide-set eyes beneath eyebrows rising to the temples; a long chin split at the end and wavy shoulder-length hair laid flat over a wrinkled forehead.

He is dressed in a robe with a collar and long sleeves with rolled up cuffs; fitted and buttoned up to his hips tied with a sash, lower slightly ruffled and reaching his bare feet. Thrown over her left shoulder is a cloak falling in a cascade of folds on the left side along the torso and formed into wide, slanting folds in front along the right leg.

The statue of the saint was originally placed on the spot now occupied by St Thomas.