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Author, school, workshop
late Gothic
15/16th cent.
Material and technique
wood, polychromy, distemper (?)
Height: 125,5 cm, Width: 90,5 cm
The Presbytery, Iwiecino, Western Pomerania, The Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary’s the Queen of Poland
This crucifix is one of the eldest fittings of the church. It belongs to a class of so called mystic crucifixes which depict the image of exhausted Saviour in His moment of dying. It has a shape of Latin cross with arms ended with square pieces of plywood featuring polychromic reliefs showing symbols of the Evangelists. The figure of the Crucified (presented fully artistically) has retained traces of the polychromy. Jesus Christ’s silhouette of somewhat shortened proportions in a stiffly strained pose is spreading out His hands along the horizontal beam. His nailed palms seem to be shrunk a little. (fingers of the right palm are lacking) Above the Head is the following incription(titulus in Latin): INRI.