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Author, school, workshop
Workshop unspecified (Eastern Borderlands, near Lviv?)
XIX w.
Material and technique
Silk grosgrain, silk, canvas, silver gallon, silver and coloured threads, sewing, embossed embroidery
Height 112 x width 50 cm
Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. John the Baptist and St. Faustin the Bishop in Kamień Pomorski
The chasuble was given to the cathedral as a gift by Polish settlers who came to Třebovsk's Třebovsk area from the village of Brzozdovce near Lviv in 1945. The vestment is a compilation of various elements - the baroque 18th-century embroidery columns were probably sewn onto a new backing in the late 19th century, and new sides and lining were also added.Chasuble