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The Sarcophagus of Bolko II Mały

Author, school, workshop
Baroque / Gothic elements
the middle of the 18th century / around 1380
Material and technique
carved sandstone, marbled and carved stucco
: 2.57 x 1.27 x 0.77 m
The Mausoleum of Piasts of Świdnik – Jawór in Krzeszów
The Duke is depicted in a full plate knight armour; he holds a shield and a misericorde in his hand. At his feet, there is a lion a symbol of courage, a dog – a symbol of fidelity and the coat of arms of Łużyce Dolne where Bolko II was a margrave until the end of his life. On the tomb of the sarcophagus we can see figures associated with the Dukes’ Court: Piotr Zedlitzch, Mikołaj Bolcze and Reinczke Schaff(gotsch). The other coats of arms which we can see belong to the Silesian families: Bolcze; Schaffgotsch and Reibnitz.