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Handing the coat of arms to the Chapter of Płock
The painting depicts a scene in the court chapel. The Emperor Maksymillian sits on the throne together with his wife. Behind them stands the chamberlain, coat of arms in a form of a cross on a decorative chain. Next to them, there is a knight in an armour, holding an imperial helmet and a state sword. In front of the throne stands the Bishop of Płock, Erazm Ciołek, he is surrounded by canons who hold the signs characteristic of Płock Cathedral: a mitre, the crosier of bishop Krzycki and the herm of St. Zygmunt. Next to him, a boy holding a missal. In the background on the right, we can see a herald in an armour with a helmet with peacock feathers, he reads out the decree to give the coat of arms. The composition is complemented by the family of Emperor Maksymillian.