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The triumph of Saint Norbert over the heresy of Tanchelini

Author, school, workshop
Norbertine monastic sculptor (?)
Late Mannerism
Material and technique
Oak wood; shallow relief
Height 145 x width 85 cm
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wroclaw, Poland
On the left, St Norbert stands facing in profile. He raises his right hand, holding an olive branch in his left. He is clasping with his foot the personification of heresy of a three-headed man lying on the ground with a chalice, a host and an open book with an inscription: TAN-/CHE/LINI=/HAE=/RE/SIS.By his leg bent upwards lies a bishop's infula.

Saint Norbert is wearing a habit with a mozetta and a biretta. Behind him are three Norbertine monks dressed identically to him, and in front of him sit two women in gowns and headscarves talking to each other. Next to them stands a dwarf, and in the lower right-hand corner of the composition a third of the women kneels, extending her hands towards the saint. In the background, to the right, two Norbertine men in birettas and two lay men in caps stand visible in half pose and on axis.

In the background are the facades of the city buildings with Renaissance and Mannerist gables, two towers and, above the saint's head, the coat of arms of Antwerp inscribed in a circular laurel wreath.

Relief based on Th.Galle's engraving no.21 from 'Vita S. Norberti' a book annotated and published by Ch. van der Sterre in Antwerp in 1622.