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The Door to the Bench Occupied by the Commoners – VI

Author, school, workshop
Unknown craftsman from Pomerania
Baroque, Neo-Baroque
17th/18th cent.
Material and technique
wood, carpentry, polychromy (distemper), iron wrought
Height: 94,5 cm, Width: 50 cm
The benches for the common people, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary’s the Queen of Poland in Iwięcino
The door is made according to a 17th cent. design. Decorations with the floral ornaments on its plywood are later (like the polychromy on the frontals of the benches. - 18th cent.). The door closes the entry to the seats in the row of benches standing in the Northern side of the nave. The door has a single jamb made from one piece of plywood. It is hung on decorative hammered hinges. The door is locked from inside with a spring-bolt.