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The Door to the Bench Occupied by the Commoners – III

Author, school, workshop
Unknown craftsman from Pomerania
Mannerism, Baroque, Neo-Baroque
17th/18th cent.
Material and technique
wood, carpentry, polychromy (distemper), iron wrought
Height: 94,5 cm, Width: 50 cm
The benches for the common people, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary’s the Queen of Poland in Iwięcino
The door displaying the image of St. Peter constitutes one of three artifacts featuring the Apostles which decorate the benches. It’s likely to be painted in the beginning of the 20th century by a talented artist. The Apostle holds a key in a palm of his right hand. With his left one he is propping up the overcoat. Around the head is the aureole. St. Peter is dressed in a long garment over which the bodice is put on to wrap up his figure tightly. Next to hist head one can read an inscription in majuscule: St. PETRUS.