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The Bible Pulpit

Author, school, workshop
Unspecified Pomeranian workshop
1732 (?)
Material and technique
Linden wood, woodcarving, polychrome
Height 28 x width 50 cm
Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. John the Baptist and St. Faustin the Bishop in Kamień Pomorski
The pulpit probably belonged to the former furnishings of the cathedral. It was made in the shape of a rectangular box with a slanting top wall, forming a base for a Bible. The openwork side walls were decorated with acanthus ornamentation. A painted inscription on the inside of the pulpit reads: "Diese hat Gott zu Ehren geschencket Chrystian Häsel mit sejner Ehefrau Anna Maria Kagels 173(?)2(?)2" [This was given to the glory of God by Christian Häsel with his wife Anna Maria Kagel 1732 (or 1722 - the third digit is blurred)].