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Saint Stephen the Martyr

Author, school, workshop
Georg Zeller
Early Baroque
Material and technique
Oak wood; carving techniques
Height 110 cm
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wroclaw, Poland
The saint stands in counterpoint (on his right leg), facing the viewer. With his right hand bent at the elbow, he lifts upwards clasping the fingers in which he held the palm of martyrdom. With his left hand he supports the edge of his robe filled with stones.

She has a young face with a large, broad nose, full lips, prominent chin with a hollow, widely spaced eyes under eyebrows raised towards the temples; a high rectangular forehead over which her hair is smoothly arranged to fall down the sides in large locks of curls to her shoulders.

He is dressed in an under garment reaching down to his shoe boots sticking out from underneath; it is ruffled at the bottom, with long sleeves at wrist level slightly ruffled with a ribbon; it is finished at the neck with semi-circular standing frills. Knee-length top garment with large, smooth planes and few deep folds. Split at the sides at the hips and along the elbow-length sleeves. Lamined with a wide band to mimic long hair; circular neckline.