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Saint John the Evangelist

Author, school, workshop
Georg Zeller
Early Baroque
Material and technique
Oak wood; carving techniques
Height 120 cm
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wroclaw, Poland
The saint stands in slight contrapposto (on his right leg), facing the viewer. He raises his right hand bent at the elbow in front of him clasping his palm, in his left hand he holds a chalice. He has a young face with expressive features: prominent lower jaw bones, a narrow, slightly humped nose and widely spaced eyes under gentle arches of the eyebrows. Her long hair above her high forehead is thrown back, with wide wavy strands falling to her shoulders.

The kaftan is visible in the parts of the sleeves with rolled-up cuffs, the large collar and the vertical folds below the knees reaching the bare feet. On top of this is an overcoat which, covering the arms and legs, is wrapped around the left arm and hung with the hem over the right.

The statue of the saint was originally placed on the spot now occupied by St Bartholomew.