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Saint James the Elder Apostle

Author, school, workshop
Georg Zeller
Early Baroque
Material and technique
Oak wood; carving techniques
Height 120 cm
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wroclaw, Poland
The saint stands in slight contrapposto (on his left leg), facing the viewer, his head turning 3/4 to the left. In his right hand, bent at the elbow and raised, he holds a pilgrim's staff resting between his feet, his left hand hovers by his side.

On his head he wears a hat with a wide brim raised at the front, where it is decorated with a seashell on a miniature pilgrim's staff. His old face is characterised by: a large, narrow nose; wide-set eyes under drawn-down eyebrows; a wrinkled forehead; a slightly wavy long chin, moustache and neck hair.

He is dressed in a knee-length robe with fine vertical folds from the waist down; with long sleeves with rolled up cuffs. His torso is covered by a drapery pinned over his shoulders and falling to the ground at the back. On her feet are knee-length boots with wide, ruffled uppers.

The statue of the saint was originally placed on the spot now occupied by St Philip.