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Saint Augustine

Author, school, workshop
Georg Zeller
Early Baroque
Material and technique
Oak wood; shallow relief
Height 120 cm
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wroclaw, Poland
The saint stands facing the viewer. In his right hand, he holds a book propped up with its back on his hip; in his left, bent at the elbow, he holds a heart.

The old man's head, with a moustache, long, broadly spread beard and slightly wavy hair reaching his neck, is covered by a richly decorated infusion. He has a gentle expression with a straight, long nose, protruding cheekbones and large eyes beneath mildly tucked eyebrows and a wrinkle-covered forehead.

He is clad in a surplice habit, slightly ruffled, covering his left shoe and falling over his leaning right shoe, and a slightly shorter laméed cape. It is fastened with an ornamental buckle at the chest, hangs freely from the right shoulder and encircles the left so that, pressed against the hip with a book, it forms horizontal and vertical, gently shaped cascades in front. On her hands are gloves.