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Counts and princes, having entered the Order, lay the insignia of power at the feet of the Virgin Mary

Author, school, workshop
Norbertine monastic sculptor (?)
Late Mannerism
Material and technique
Oak wood; shallow relief
Height 145 x width 85 cm
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wroclaw, Poland
The symmetrically composed relief depicts the Virgin Mary in the centre, wearing a gown and veil on her head surrounded by a radiant halo. In front of her lies the infant Jesus on a cloth-covered hay. The Mother holds it with her right hand, while in her left hand she lifts the hem of the cloth near the child's head surrounded by a radiant halo.

Arranged in front of it in the foreground are six differently shaped crowns in two rows and four shields of arms at the bottom.

At the sides are Premonstratensians in habit, three on each side. The first on the right kneels holding a skullcap at his side; he places a mace among the insignia. The first on the left kneels raising the mace and the crown of nobility in front of him. The mich standing behind him holds a palm branch in his left hand. On the opposite side can be seen the curve of a pastoral.

In the background an architectural backdrop in the form of a two-pillar arcade and above the crowning cornice with triforium openings - a taller one on axis with a suspended decorative shell. To the right a brick wall and to the left a pillar and in the clearance a landscape with a house and stylised tree.