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Altar of Mercy and Grace
Author, school, workshop
Zimermann - secretary to Rev. Louis Talleyrand
Date of creation
2nd half of the 17th century
Material and technique
Stucco patinated on marble
Height 10 m x width 5.5 m
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Żagań
Stucco altar of Mercy and Grace from the Hennevogel workshop funded by Abbot Simon III. The picture in the altar was painted by Antoni Zimmermann. It depicts the Lord Jesus at whose feet Peter, King David and Mary Magdalene are kneeling and asking for forgiveness. The painting in the coping depicts Jesus on the Mount of Olives being cradled by an angel, by Georg Neunhertz. Between the paintings is a medallion with a tree of abundance and the inscription For all the abundance of God's graces. Next to the painting are the statues of St Monika, on the left, mother of St Augustine, and on the right, St Brigid of Sweden, founder of the order of the so-called Brigidines, who lived according to the rule of St Augustine.